Message: Mr Albert Wise, President, WPSAA




Western Primary School Athletics believes athletics provides an unique contribution to the overall school curriculum in that it promotes growth, an awareness to

towards leadership, character, physical fitness, the importance for life-long participation in physical activity , and enhances the total development and the higher education experience for those who engage in the sports and activities provided. 


The WPSAA is supportive offering equal opportunity for all students athletes so we made it all Inclusive Games where all the special schools were invited to be part of their various districts teams. 

It is the philosophy of the WPSAA is to strive to maintain the optimum level of teaching and support from the community. 

The implementation of the Code of Conduct and expectation of high academic and behavioral standard, contributes to an athletic experience of dignity and excellence as proven by the great sportsmanship demonstrated by all the athletes and the officials. It is with this basic philosophy of WPSAA operates to best accomplish and fulfill the goals of wholesome and desirable experience for all participants as well as to offer the opportunity for students athletes of the various western districts to reach and fulfill their full athletics and academic potential.


. At the core of this commitment , are our intentions to continue with the Games at an annual basis and to also attract sponsors to assist us in running training programme to develop both  our students and coaches. 





Greetings to you all
We would sincerely like to thank you all for the efforts in promoting holistic development for our children by participating in our athletics programme.
Please be advised of the reminder as discussed in the last meeting:
1. West FMF Chow Games will be on Friday and Saturday , Week 12, Term 3 at Churchill Park, Lautoka.
2. PS Education has given approval for the games . Letter is available under Correspondence Section of this Website. 
3. Our entries are due on Monday Week 8, term 3 as the Insurance List for our athletes need to be submitted to the insurance company.
4. Include your reserves in the list so that we can also insure them in case of substitutions made later. No changes can be made outside of the list submitted. 
5. All new athletes need to submit their Original Birth Certificates. 
6. A new Entry form in excel format is now designed which can be exported into the need manager programme. All instructions to fill this form is available in the file sent earlier.
7. Please fill your entries in only the entry format in excel sent via email. This is a locked form.  Use only this to register your athletes.
8. We are still negotiating with Oceania Athletics to bring in the Photo finish and Electronic timing equipment and this should be finalized by next week.
9. Please be informed that all the teachers that were trained in the West Workshop will need to do their practical at the Games to be certified as Officials by Athletics Fiji.
10. Please do your logistics well and book the schools or halls that you need for your base well in advance.
11. All Team camps will be in ground 2 so please arrange for your tents.
12. Tickets will be available from week 5 as well for the games.
13. Although the PS Education has given approval for the games, your individual Senior Education must be informed of all your plans for the district team including approval for zonal and  district meet. Any officer leaving their station for the games needs approval from them as well.
Duty of Care strictly applies to every meet and training or travelling situations. We must abide by this. OHS issues can not be compromised at any of the meets and we must strictly abide by this.
We know that your commitment in this busy term will surely be rewarded by the Almighty.
For any clarification, please do contact me after school hours on 9709602.


We are so pleased to announce that Oceania Athletics will provide the state of the art photo finish and electronic timing equipment for the West Chow Games, 2017. As we are aware the Central Meet is in the same day as our meet, they will use the Fiji Athletics equipment. After successful negotiation with Ms Yvonne Mullins of Oceania Athletic in the week end, we are truly humbled that they have agreed to bring the one from Australia over for us to use. Their presence will also uplift the standard of officiating and moral of our west kids.  We are now negotiating the cost sharing agreement with FPSAA for this.

We will keep you all updated on this. As for now, our sincere thanks and appreciation to Yvonne and her Oceania Athletics team. The west kids salute your commitment ....


Bravo to the Team Nadroga and Navosa under the leadership of Mr Setareki Rika, SEO of the education district for sacrificing their Saturday to take part in the coaching clinic taken by Mr Wise and his team.  

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